Melodeath fans find reassurance with the new release of In Flames’ “The Great Deceiver” single that comes on the tail of their European announcement tour with legendary metal act – At The Gates. Following closely behind the previous single “State of Slow Decay” this track brings classic In Flames sound but, combines it with some newer thrash-like elements.

This track once again proves that In Flames dabble in lyrical genius, striking us with the “back to reality once again, a two-year break to reset our brains” that kick-starts every emotion we felt during our own ‘two-year break’ that for some felt like an eternity. This follows with “but times are changing for the worse, we are doomed, we are cursed.”

A fan of lyrical compositions, I was immediately attracted to the writing for this piece, that was matched with perfectly emotional melody that fit in both agony, and anger seamlessly. This is where the thrash comes in, playing into the anger that comes with lyrics like “bend the truth to fit your opinion, another excuse, another lie.” While angst is followed in melo-death formation that drops after the chorus into a classic In Flames-style solo after “the sky is on fire and the angels cry”.

While the melody itself is along the same route as In Flames’ melodic foundations, it is the lyrics that truly speak to me from this single, that has it set on repeat to be played louder and louder each time.

You can check-out more about the upcoming tour with At The Gates via their website and don’t forget to download your own copy of “The Great Deceiver” here!