Domino Media is proud to present, in the announcement of their debut album ‘Mechanical Era‘ coming out this fall, Swiss Death/Thrash/Indus-metal crossover band Lethal Technology has revealed a new single with an accompanying music video titled “Factory“.

Founded in Collombey in Valais, Switzerland in March of 2011 by guitarist Cedric Ferret under the name Seventh Wave, the band released an EP called ‘Programmed World‘ in May of 2012 which allowed the band to play as an opening act for bands like Dagoba and giving them the opportunity to perform in France and Belgium. In April of 2017, the band had split up but in July of the same year, bassist Julien Dulex joined Cedric Ferret to continue the adventure but this time under the name of Lethal Technology.

The two musicians worked on the composition of several tracks and chose to program it with synthesizers and drum tracks when necessary. Then LT was joined in February of 2019 by guttural vocalist Jade Hanni who quickly jumped in to lay down vocal lines. After a few months of research, the Valaisan combo incorporated the lyrical singer Sofiane Thoulon, who comes from the world of classically-trained opera performers to add a welcome contrast to the band. Then, Xavier Boscher, former guitarist of Misanthrope, took up the position as solo guitarist to participate in the first album.

It was from then on that LT started their enormous production in order to release their first full-length album. Coming nearly a decade after a first EP released under the moniker of Seventh Wave, the renamed Lethal Technology is about to unveil their debut full-length album effort titled ‘Mechanical Era‘ that is planned for release both on CD and in Digital Format.

Utilizing synthesizers, and hammer-like sounds for an intriguing yet eerie intro, this track quickly dives into the harsh vocals with a feverish drop into heaviness. With cleans following suit, contrasting well with the overall bleak tone of this track, they allow for a cascade of melody to break through before we’re once more encompassed by the spark and shadow of a concrete jungle.

“Welcome to Factory” is more than a manufacturing verse; it is a reveal of AI and an endless stream of 24/7 production both metaphorically and literally. A stream of automation where Humanity serves Robotic whim to survive and thrive yet, are consumed by the need to move forward knowing full well we are to be left behind.

You can find out more about Lethal Technology and their upcoming album via their Facebook page – here!