Heavy Hypnotic Rockers MY SLEEPING KARMA are celebrating the release of their newest album ‘Atma‘ via Napalm Records with an extraordinary new music video for the single “Avatara“.

Putting an end to the 7-year gap since their last studio album, ‘Moksha‘, today, heavy hypnotic rock act My Sleeping Karma celebrate the release of their brand new album, titled ‘Atma‘ out now via Napalm Records. From the album’s first note, it’s clear that ‘Atma‘ isn’t just another album from these heavy hitters – it’s the epitome of shadow, sorrow, and despair that feverishly fuel the German quartet on their sixth studio album, signifying the band’s darkest, most passionate and deep record to date.

“Atma” describes the (absolute) self, the indestructible, eternal essence of the spirit, and is often translated as the “soul”. Sickness, death, and the existential fear had brought the band to a point in their musical careers and life at which they were close to parting. However, their will to survive weathered the storm, and the journey is ‘Atma‘ – a record the band wasn’t even sure would see the light of day when they started working on it back in 2017, and if it did, would’ve never been for industry sales, success or fame. ‘Atma‘ tells the story of their lives, processing the personal trauma of tragedies, fear, regret, and anguish that four best friends have been going through on their darkest days since the band’s existence.

In celebration of their recent release, My Sleeping Karma have shared a new music video for the ethereal single “Avatara“, which beams in synth post-rock majesty that combines magnificent, striking textures and mesmerizing energies.

Drummer Steffen states:
“As many other Sanskrit words Avatara also has several corresponding meanings. Avatara means the descent, the coming down, like the appearance itself. But it could also be used to describe an opportunity or the coming to light. In this sense Avatara is the perfect word to reveal our new album ‘Atma’ and bring this finally to light.”

As many other artists, both within the music industry and beyond, have experienced, the past two years hit hard; but, My Sleeping Karma truly faced a downward pit of pure darkness. Having formed nearly two decades ago as a strong bond of best friends with a steady line-up ever since, the band as amassed an incredibly successful catalog of five highly acclaimed records and a live album in 2017, as well as an extensive list of touring performances at sold-out venues and well-known festivals that have placed them as one of the most well-respected instrumental post- and hypnotic rock bands within the heavy music scene.

“Avatara” is a buffet of instrumental delicacies; shifting from the echos of synthesizers and gentle bass, to the more upbeat pace of perfectly plucked chords, and the steady flow of drums this track is one to let yourself fall into. With visualizers that alter your mind from dream-state to psychedelic exploration, it’s a track that truly let’s you explore the emotions that have overtaken you in the past two years – be it hope, despair, anger, or freedom, there is a perfect melody in this track for each and every feeling.

Though only being six-tracks in length, each one nears the 10-minute mark and obliterate any previous expectations one may have had when first listening to the band. With intricate intros that descend into bittersweet tales of vulnerability and nostalgia to mystifying sounds and melodies of heaviness. As once said by Monster Magnet’s Dave Wyndorf, My Sleeping Karma is ART, but their brand new album not only captures the spirit of the times but, leaves intrigue for hope, love, strength, and passion amid the ugliness and vulnerability we’ve all had to face.

“We’ve put a lot of time, effort and love into it and we are finally very happy it’s done,” the band says. “If you listen closely and open-hearted, you might be able to hear and feel the sadness, the pain we’ve went through. But more than ever there is also lots of hope, happiness and love.

This is one of the most important sentences the mental world repeats constantly since many years. ‘Every human being has always to choose between the two main emotions: Fear or Love.’ So everybody should choose carefully as this decision(s) defines who you are.

We really hope this album is able spread some positive vibes, a bit of hope and – most important – love! Because in the end love is everything exists.

Much Love
Norman, Seppi, Matte, Steffen.”

Atma‘ is out NOW – and you can order your very own copy HERE!