Seven years after the release of ‘Eternal’, Stratovarius rise from the ashes with their newest single “World on Fire”. Like a Phoenix rising through the flames, these Symphonic Power Metal veterans mark their comeback with a vengeance, bringing their influential sound back into the Metal scene with emotion, drama, and dynamic spark.

With “World On Fire”, Stratovarius enter the second stage on the path to releasing their new album ‘Survive’. On the album, the band dives deeper into current world issues, finding more drastic words while staying true to the sound that has held them on a metaphorical pedestal.

Timo Kotipelto about the message of the song:
World on Fire is a powerful song with an important message. Our planet is suffering. And it is because of us. We are destroying our own home planet. Climate change is happening, and we need to do everything in our power to slow it down. We need to think about our kids and future generations.

This track’s influence and sound capture attention immediately, as in the usual Stratovarius means, bringing cinematic-level sound and performance to front and center to be both eye-catching and inspiring. Lyrics are deeper, pulling intense messages from the band’s own emotions, to be conveyed in fiery fashion. “Every day we saw the signs. Every day we closed our eyes. Now we pay for every choice that we’ve made,” cut like a knife, bringing the reality of our world’s condition to both our ears and eyes.

The accompanying music video provides the visuals we need to understand our plight, portraying a literal world at end, and the youth that is to inherit its barren carcass. No strangers to stunning visuals, and powerful sound, Stratovarius has awakened to the thunder in the sky, and they’re not about to let the rain change the course of their destined path.

Pre-order your copy of Stratovarius’ upcoming album ‘Survive’ out September 23rd, 2022.