Symphonic Metal Legends Within Temptation fight back against the silence with their newest single “Don’t Pray For Me”. The fourth single from the band’s independent releases, it will be featured on the next studio album, as singles have become the focus of the band’s releases over the past several years. Not only does this process allow for better creative expression but, it delivers new, freshly inspired music to the world.

After the release of “Entertain You”, “The Purge”, and “Shed My Skin”, this is yet another sequel to the music that has lifted fans and spread joy across the Metal world. Each track has been met with great critical acclaim, particularly in Europe; ascending in the Top 20 of the U.S. Billboard Mainstream Rock Indicator charts, and topping the German charts as well.

Vocalist Sharon Den Adel has said:
‘Don’t Pray For Me’ strives against forcing beliefs and fears onto others and bears witness to being acceptive of everyone’s own journey. It is an anthem about coming to terms with the fact that beliefs can be fluid, multiple or frankly: different. The song is about allowing people to pursue their own destiny.”

The visualizer that accompanies this track’s release amplifies the hollowness of a belief system that has been inflicted upon many though it goes against the very grain of their own morale. Lyrics like “I’m not lost in the dark. I’m not blind to what I see” are song openers that breathe life into a generation that has seen the horrors of history being repainted on their doorstep. The backing melody is heavy, bringing emotion and passion to the front lines where our beliefs can be both seen and heard. Drums are steady, flowing through to keep the melody from straying from its ferocious stream. Guitars bring that next level of conflict, veiling us in both sorrow and anger. Sharon’s vocals bring the ascension and the passion, turning our emotions to action as we take a moment to reflect on the choices before us.

Though the lyrics are meant to be more vague, the humanity within them is all too realistic and relatable, “I don’t need your absolution, so don’t hold that sword over me,” as if the path we choose is not our own and yet, we will press forward. We will shed our skin to be free and choose our own destiny.

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