Melodic Death Metal Frontrunners, WOLFHEART, have proven time and time again their are one of the metal scene’s most captivating northern acts. Rising fast through the international melodic death metal scene, the last two years alone has seen the band unyielding as they released the full-length, ‘Wolves of Karelia‘ (2020) and ‘Skull Soldiers‘ EP (2021). Ensnaring praise from fans and press alike with their tales of frigid battle and victory, Wolfheart continues their conquest announcing their new album ‘King of the North‘ by revealing a powerful new single titled “Ancestor” featuring Killswitch Engage‘s Jesse Leach.

Due out on September 16th, 2022 via Napalm Records, Wolfheart‘s upcoming album ‘King of the North‘ is a nine-track feast that offers up every bit of energy as the previous two releases. Blending colossal melodies, ear-bleeding vocals, and brilliant lyricism with entrancing rhythm has each track soaring higher and higher.

Each song on ‘King of the North‘ is dedicated to a different story from Finnish mythology – carefully captured by Wolfheart‘s passionate songwriting, and vibrant production. “The King“, for example, tells the story of the Forest God with horns, utilizing pianos accompanied by heavy riffs and solos. “Cold Flame” features Nile‘s Karl Sanders that speeds through extremes with relentless energy. This album is truly a masterpiece of melodic death metal quality, driven by intricate story-telling and crafted with flawless detail that shows Wolfheart‘s creativity and dedication to their artistic craft.

Wolfheart’s guitarist/vocalist Tuomas Saukkonen about ‘King of the North’:
“After Wolves of Karelia it made a lot of sense to continue writing thematic albums, but this time I wanted to travel a lot further in history than (the) 2nd World War and went straight to the tales about creation of the nordic world, ancient gods of north, and the majestic nature. The colourful theme also inspired me to write the musically most diverse Wolfheart album and also bring the biggest variation of vocals than ever before, putting Lauri and Vageliss in their well-earned spotlight.”

As the first single from the new album, the track “Ancestor” and its accompanying video see Wolfheart join forces with the legendary Jesse Leach of the popular Killswitch Engage. This track is the album’s most bone-chilling track, unleashing crushing blast beats, and shattering vocal performance that exceeds fans’ expectations.

Starting out with heaviness and speed, Wolfheart do not shy away from their foundations in intensity. Jesse’s vocals add a layer of warmth and divinity to a track as cold as tundra snow, as the speed pulls back to rhythmically flow, and pull into a commanding melody of grace and integrity. The mixture of harshness and tranquility bring new power to an already thick-skinned Wolfheart that kept me both intrigued and entertained throughout. A song that’s easily wormed its way into my repeats after my initial listen.

Wolfheart’s Tuomas Saukkonen about the new single: “Finnish mythology is full of Nordic gods, tales and beliefs, but there is only one king of the forest. And because of that, a song about this feared and honored beast is an ideal first single. Musically diverse from blast beats to majestic chorus with legendary Jesse Leach, bringing the song onto a whole new level and lyrically diving deep into the album’s theme.”

You can pre-order your own copy of ‘King of the North’ here !