Caleb Straus’ musical endeavors have seen nothing less than frightful success with each new track he unveils. This time, his solo project known better as ‘The Death of Zenith’ covers Above and Beyond’s “Sun and Moon” as the fourth track for the upcoming Overnight film Soundtrack.

Described as Genre-Fluid for utilizing a variety of genre influences in his creations, another beat for the Indie Project ‘Overnight’, is portrayed in TDOZ’s cover. Greatly contrasting the original by slowing the pace from its original dance-pop style to one of industrial prowess and darkness, it’s a grand compliment to the previous collaboration with Sam Astaroth, adding another layer to Overnight’s eerie atmosphere.

Enigmatic sound, and vocal range shift the mood from fiercely intense and in-you-face, to one of withdrawn emotion and inner resolve. Musical carvings with scarring riffs provoke the rawness of this cover that are well-plated with deep growls, passionate highs, and strong composition overall. It’s another showcase of the talent and dedication that TDOZ has become known for, once more shattering the expectations and boundaries fans have come accustomed to, to ascend to another breath-taking level.

You can find more from ‘The Death of Zenith’ via his FB page here – The Death of Zenith