Following on the success of the hugely popular ‘Ategnatos’ album, Eluveitie unveil a stunning new single that evokes the curious and the adventurous after 3 long years. Frontman, Chrigel Glanzmann notes it as being “one of the heaviest songs of Eluveitie ever. it’s the sheer consequence of our spiritual journey with Ategnatos”.

Debuting on June 2nd, the black and white palette with child-choir introduction is one of mystery and anxious anticipation that seamlessly falls into a battle of ferocious drumming and towering vocals. Fabi’s siren-like call is chilling, capturing the attention of listeners without a moment’s hesitation and seeping into our soul.

The hymn-like trance that calls to us is one of raw beauty and power with Chrigel’s feral nature taking hold as the band joins his command in harmonious sequence. All the favourable elements of the band are in tune; from the flutes to hurdy gurdy. The energy unleashed from stage to video production offer more than a mere nod to something that’s obviously been pent up over the last two years.

You can find out more about Eluveitie and their upcoming tour dates here.