The time has come for German-based Symphonic Metal giants XANDRIA to take the helm, and lead us on a new adventure. Preparing to enter the next chapter in this band’s ever-changing history, Xandria mark their long-awaited return after 2017’s release ‘Theater of Dimensions‘ by debuting a new single, appropriately titled “Reborn”.

Having been in the scene since the early 90’s, the band has spread its wings, ready to embrace its future by featuring the fearsome range of new vocalist Ambre Vourvahis, who can vary between a siren’s lullaby, and intense, classically-powered mids, to even embracing harsh lows. With the accompaniment of Robert Klawonn (guitars), Tim Schwarz (bass), and Dimitrios Gatsios (drums), the newly formed group rally around their band leader Marco Heubaum (songwriter, composer, guitarist) to bring their music to the next level.

XANDRIA state:
XANDRIA is reborn… and the first sign of the return to life is the respectively titled song. Like before, XANDRIA are taking you on a voyage to your imagination, and the emotional and varied voice of new frontwoman Ambre Vourvahis will show you the way there with more facets then ever – prepare for some surprises!
The new line up around mastermind Marco Heubaum will definitely start a whole new chapter that is fascinating and fresh, but still genuinely XANDRIA. Because this is what XANDRIA always has been – a voyager and explorer in the inspiring world of symphonic and heavy music. And now it is reborn!”

The video itself is a bewitching tale that reintroduces Xandria in their primal format. With terrific harmonies backed by incredible riffs, this track embraces the new vocal prowess in their midst by allowing it to stand front and center.

The tune itself is infectious, combining Ambre’s sopranos with moments of terror in her growls as the instrumentals ring high. We embrace the enigmatic flow, while falling in love with the opera solo that carefully escorts in a ferocious guitar solo that leaves us in awe. It’s a welcome sign of life from Xandria, paving the way for a future we have yet to behold.

Xandria will set sail alongside co-headliners Visions of Atlantis for ‘Symphonic Metal Nights’ with support from Ye Banished Privateers on September 8th, 2022. You can find out more via the band’s website – here.