A few weeks after releasing its debut solo album, ‘Origin‘, French metal/rock guitarist/composer Baptiste Brun (ex-Stolen Memories, etc.) premieres another official music video in April of 2022 that illustrates the passion behind the song “Lunar Requiem”.

Born in Lyon, the self-taught musician was influenced by highly passionate, and talented guitarists, with Baptiste first recording some instrumental demos before beginning his own career. As a Guitarist and Composer of the progressive metal group, Stolen Memories, he managed to not only exceed his own influences but, produce and publish three albums.

After devoting his time and energy to the project, he decided that his evolution as a creator would come only with his solo debut. This is brought into realization with his first instrumental album, ‘Origin‘ that debuted in February of 2022 – an ambitious and experimental creation that mixes a variety of musical influences, entirely dominated by his skillful guitar playing.

This exquisite display of passionate guitar work and intricate orchestration is unveiled through stunning scenery clips, and a focus on Baptiste‘s feverish finger work. “Lunar Requiem” is an unparalleled story of beauty, with the inner workings of the heart and soul on open display for all those willing to turn their ears to the wind. It’s perfectly balanced, with calm interludes, and chaotic harmonies that layer one over another to create a stunning display of musical talent and creativity.

For fans of Joe Striani, Marty Friedman, Animals as Leaders and more, this album is sure to please even the most hardcore instrumental fan out there.

You can order your own copy of ‘Origin’ through his bandcamp here, and check out more from Baptiste via streaming services here!