With 20 years at their back, and a hearty collection of brilliant, well-acclaimed albums to their name, Irish post-rock maestros GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT unveil their live studio output, “The Beginning Of The End” due out July 15th, 2022 via Napalm Records. Recorded at the Windmill Land Recording Studio in Dublin, Ireland on October 3rd, 2021, this album features deep transformations of all their tracks from their 2002 debut album, “The End Of The Beginning”, enveloping each song’s progression throughout the band’s years of live performances while still maintaining original melody and songwriting.

Performance classics such as “From Dust to the Beyond” and “Route 666” can be witnessed in rebirth with clear, progressive variations originally heard during the band’s live displays that have now been blended in. In addition to these live expansions, technical advancements have allowed each track to exceed their previous glory.

“When we recorded the “The End of the Beginning” we only had limited equipment,; we couldn’t even record full live performances,“ bassist Niels Kinsella reveals. “The Beginning of the End gave us the opportunity to perform the whole album live and allowed us to bring more feeling and expression to the music and songs. We’re very excited to share this with everyone.”

Today, GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT have unveiled a brand new music video for the otherworldly, re-recorded single “From Dust to the Beyond”; a song that previously aired on MTV and now balanced the band’s melancholic post-rock manner and a menacing yet dreamy atmosphere in perfect combination.

Torsten Kinsella says:
“From Dust to the Beyond was written in 2002, inspired by the futile wars of the past and how we are doomed to repeat our mistakes and ironically, we are now seeing the same unfold once again!”

The atmospheric revelations that come with this reborn video offer new insight into previous tragedies that this world was indeed doomed to repeat. The black and white foretelling of our futility is renewed in hopes of reminding us of the misfortunes we had brought upon ourselves, in hopes that one day we can truly learn, and move forward rather than be looped into endless repetition.

You can pre-order your own copy of ‘The Beginning of the End (Live 20 Year Anniversary Release’ here!