The new Dark Ambient project Void Stasis is formed by the collaborative efforts of Kristof Bathory of Dawn of Ashes, Scott Denman of Die Sektor and Marie Ann Hedonia. The project blends the experimentation of various hardware synthesizers and Eurorack Modules to capture a dark exploration through the realms of Xenomorphic soundscapes and surreal prevalent atmospheres.

Void of Stasis says:
“The debut album ‘Ruins’ tells a story about our planet drifting into an alien atmosphere and the aftermath of what would happen to our civilization during the process of human extinction.”

Atmospheric music has always been my go to. As an avid indulgent of Fantasy while writing my own pieces, or working on commissions, I find the journey, in which this kind of music portrays, to be one easily molded for our own adventure. No matter the story, we can find ourselves with carefully painted pictures from forgotten ruins, to low-soaring flights across a broken stratosphere. The combinations in which our own imaginations can foretell the details that each note expresses is mystifying, allowing us to not only experience our own take on the story being told but, explore the one offered to us as well.

With little revealed, Void of Stasis once again offers us a glimpse into the world they’ve created through beautifully crafted atmospheric tempo, balanced soundscapes, and fluid creation. It is brilliantly crafted, once again allowing their realm to unfold before us in the glittering falter of dying stars.

You can order your own copy of ‘Ruins’ through their bandcamp via Cryo Chamber out now!