Ukrainian metalcore giants, Space of Variations prove themselves once again to be limitless – while living through the horrors of war in their home country, the band has still managed to express themselves through their emotional, creative, and heavy-hitting music and accompanying videos. “Imago” is the newest release from the metal stronghold, accompanied by a dazzling music video that serves as the upcoming album’s title track.

Due to the ongoing circumstances, their album IMAGO is being delayed for release until September 23rd, 2022 via Napalm Records, and the band had this to say:

SPACE OF VARIATIONS about the release of IMAGO:
“Hello world! The war in our country has changed everything. New reality is ruthless. Although it’s hard, we keep trying to be SOV – the band you’ve always known. Therefore, as much as it’s possible, we’ll be seeking balance in this chaos and sharing what we created before this terrible war began.”

The visuals of this track give us hard Linkin Park “In The End” vibes that inflict the resonance of both nostalgia and agony. It’s a track that keeps hitting, verse after verse, with endless rhythm and striking vocals. The muted colour palette keeps the emotions high, while coming off as being numb despite the intensity that reverberates from start to finish.

“We filmed this video a few days before the war started. Work on it was carried out to the accompaniment of explosions and air raids.  Understanding that a beautiful story called life can end at any moment pushes us to the fact that there will be no better time for us than now. With heavy hearts and a sense of a blurry future, we present you our new song and video IMAGO. Remember us. Because we were, we are, and will be. Glory to Ukraine!”

The band has also opened a Patreon for fans to offer their support directly. And you can pre-order your own copy of IMAGO here.