Having celebrated more than 25 years of Metal mastery, jaw-dropping artists Evergrey have finally unleashed their long-awaited 13th, full-length album titled ‘A Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament)’! In honour of this massive metal milestone being accomplished in the band’s history, Gothenburg’s dark metal veterans revel in the release of their newest single “Call Out Then Dark” with a tantalizing visualizer.

This track is a heart-pounding expression of sound and epicness that brings melodic and prog elements together to bring us a chart-topping masterpiece. Beginning on a haunting, atmospheric note, this track quickly turns into an epic display of symphonic and power metal, blended into legend. Utilizing the faint glimmer of an enchanting visualizer, this single’s release allows us to be fully enveloped in the music, rather than distracted by the performance.

The lyrics are simple yet, ghostly in the way they linger on the mind. Not only is the song catchy but, worthy of repeat listens as it absolutely tears your heart from your beating chest, and leaves your soul to freeze. You find yourself chanting along “we call out the dark” as the chorus quickly snags you, hook, line and sinker.

“We are so just so damn proud of this record, guys, and we are just as excited that you will finally get to hear it!
We will let the music do the talking and leave you to it, but we can’t wait to hear what you feel and think!
Tom, Jonas, Rikard, Johan, Rikard”

You can order your own copy of ‘A Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testamenthere ! Limited Deluxe Box Sets are also available, so order yours while they last!~

Deluxe Box (incl. Canvas, Pendant, Liner Notes on Pergament Paper) – limited to 500 copies worldwide
2LP Gatefold “Die Hard” Marbled Red/Black (incl. Slipmat + 7inch (black) w/ 2 exclusive Bonus Tracks) – limited to 500 copies worldwide.