German medieval folk rock giants SCHANDMAUL will unveil their upcoming, 11th full-length album titled “Knüppel aus dem Sack” on June 10th, 2022 via Napalm Records. The exploration of new discoveries once again displays the band’s distinctive skill as both songwriters and storytellers who invite us all to embrace a thrilling world of story and sound.

On May 18th, they debuted the third single, and the album closing track titled “Niamh” which only further cracks open the flood gates of our adventure.

A powerful introduction rings forth as a parade of medieval instrumentals unfold for the vocal prowess of Thomas Lindner, who does not hesitate in bringing stories to life through his unique talent of speaking words like a cinematic retelling of legend.

“Niamh” is further visualized through an atmospheric official video that not only encapsulates the spirit of the band but, cranks up the adrenaline for a return to live performances.

Thomas Lindner on “Niamh”:
‘Niamh’ is a journey into the world of Irish legends and myths, into the land of eternal youth! ‘Heart, what do you desire more?’, one would like to ask.
But mankind would not be mankind if we were satisfied with something. So we strive for more and the story takes its course…
A song to dive in and let yourself be carried away!”

The fiery background of this video, contrasted by the gentle instrumentals, paints a vivid picture of the chaos and charm that folk tales have offered throughout the centuries. With flowing magma, burning embers, and a blinding orange backdrop, you can feel the intensity that burns throughout this track.

The drop into the cool blues of an ocean hue, the blackened sands of an untouched shoreline add serenity, backed by the heavier beat to carry us through the emotions and inspirations throughout this passionate tale.

If you don’t find yourself enthralled by this tune, listen again. This song seems to mimic the skyline, with falling stars, drifting clouds, and a solemn moon as it ascends. Flowing to a fiery horizon, we see golden rays, fearsome winds, and brilliant blue. We are flawlessly carried across a timeless sky, to witness the death and rebirth through the soundscape of a fallen paradise.

You can pre-order your own copy of SCHANDMAUL‘s upcoming album here!