Power Metal Warriors VICTORIUS blind-side us with their elite new single “Mighty Magic Mammoth”. As Dinosaurs fight to defend Mankind from being enslaved by evil Ninja Warriors, German Space Warriors VICTORIUS begin the next round of their epic battle against the evil space Ninja clan, the Sunbladers!

Today, they recruit help from the Mighty Magic Mammoth to fight for the good of all mankind! Featuring a jaw-dropping drum intro, as well as mind-boggling riffs and a brilliant combination of sound, this track is only elevated by increasing vocal harmonies, and the anthem-like chorus known to VICTORIUS tracks.

Awakened from a frozen slumber, the Mighty Magic Mammoth roams the fractured tundra, moved by the fiery comet that had crashed to the earth to unite with, and protect Humanity! This epic track is cut from the band’s upcoming full-length, ‘Dinosaur Warfare Pt. 2 – The Great Ninja War‘ due to be released via Napalm Records on June 24th, 2022.

VICTORIUS on “Mighty Magic Mammoth”:
“Mighty Dinosaurriors! We´re proud to introduce you to a new creature of our epic, prehistoric, intergalactic story! The Mighty Magic Mammoth! A mystical giant, frozen in the eternal ice for thousands of years! But now, when mankind faces a new threat, the Mammoth returns from its slumber released by a magic comet made of cosmic steel! If this isn´t cheesy enough for you, you´re not worthy! So have fun and enjoy our NEW SONG!”

As the lyrics go, this track was “born to conquer and to rule” as it’s a song you find yourself singing along to, no matter the cheese-factor in its origins. If you can’t have fun listening to Power Metal, you really don’t know how to have fun! This track features a frozen wasteland, an ancient force of nature, and one hell of a musical anthem to go with it all. It’s easy to get into the tune, moving to “Mighty Magic Mammoth” as the chorus repeats. I can see how both Power Metal fans, and Dinosaur fans would get more than a kick out of this song!

With power solos, and head-banging prowess, there’s no way you won’t find yourself dancing to this one!

Pre-order your own copy of Dinosaur Warfare Pt. 2 – The Great Ninja Warhere via Napalm Records on June 24th. And don’t forget to check out previous released tracks like “Dinos and Dragons” and “Victorious Dino Gods” !!