With the release of ‘Hate Über Alles’ on June 10th, 2022 via Nuclear Blast, Kreator unleashes a ferocious new video featuring a montage of their live performances, promo pics, and journey throughout the ages to their newest track “Become Immortal.”

From 1984 – “I hate the Sun” – we catch a glimpse of Kreator‘s beginning, ascending through the ages with visuals from their time as Tormentor and promo pics, to the current modern stage performance. Lyrics compliment the scene, “remember, remember where you came from, your spirit never fades, pulling back to their own nostalgia and linage.

As a late arrival to the Kreator fanbase, I can’t help but admire their constant energy and dedication to fighting hate, promoting unity, and reminding both fans and artists alike of their own well-deserved place in this world.

Once again, Kreator places emphasis on times permanently etched in history, such as the Berlin Wall, and what has shaped both ourselves and society as a whole. Lyrics like “My mind, it wanders to the ones, that I have lost along the way, who shaped the one I am today,” resonate both personally and formally with historic events, concerts, and our own growth being reflected upon.

As in typical Kreator fashion, this track isn’t one to nod off lightly, and one that’s melody and lyrics stick with you for quite some time. You can snag your own copy of ‘Hate Über Alles‘ out now.

“Your spirit never fades – Become Immortal.”