Weeks after releasing his remix of Nirvana’s “Something In The Way”, ILLENIUM slams into a collaboration with none other than Spiritbox to create an ethereal new single called “Shivering.” Following along ILLENIUM’s previous works, this track waits for no one. Courtney’s vocals come in immediately, slamming Heavy Metal into the synthesizers to capture us from the start.

This song is a jaw-dropper, giving us goosebumps with every line. Does it make us shiver? Down to the bone! It’s one of the most divine collaborations of 2022, with the perfect blend of electronics and metal folding together until the ferocious shift sees Courtney’s signature harsh vocals call to some Frozen God, bringing the beat down into a mind-bending drop.

It’s a natural blend of melodic and dubstep-style that create a tragic yet beautiful story in its lyrical expression. With gorgeous visualizers in the video, the duality that sees the backing orchestration is amplified with the sharp contrasting shards of black ice and brilliant blue lightning strikes. It’s a fight between aggression and depression that sees some of the most beautifully executed lyrics I’ve heard thus far.

It’s definitely a track that I’ve already put on repeat multiple times for its sheer intensity and emotional performance. I can’t think of a song that’s been stuck in my head so quickly beyond this creation, and I’m sure it will linger for a long time.

You can stream “Shivering” here, or find out more about ILLENIUM via his website. You can also grab some merch from Spiritbox via their online store. Don’t forgot to subscribe to each band’s YouTube for notifications and updates!

ILLENIUM is currently touring in the US!