Climbing out of the pandemic rubble, after 8 years of unreleased music, comes My Chemical Romance with their newest track “The Foundations of Decay”. Coming off the 2014 release from their unfinished fifth album, that was later added to a greatest hits compilation, the song “Fake Your Death” was the last we had heard from the band before their split.

Kicking off a UK tour this week, the band joins together under this astonishing new drop that has left fans both ecstatic, and in tears. For long-time fans, this is the news they’ve been waiting for. After years of rescheduled reunion tours due to the Pandemic, a new song is just enough to ease the pain, at least for now, until those shows come to fruition.

Garnering more than 1 million views over YouTube in just over a day, this track proves the commitment that fans have had over the years to MCR and their creative process. It’s a solemn ode to their old works, almost chiming on the notes of “Ghost of You” with lyrics that touch on faded war and battle scars like “See the man who stands upon the hill, he dreams of all the battles won. But fate had left its scars upon his face, with all the damage they had done.”

Upon first listen, production value seems to have sank but, with repeated listens it seems to be intentional, as if a call back to their foundations and to build on the song’s atmosphere and tone. Gerard’s screams and intensity can be heard throughout, marking the vocalist’s unwavering commitment to his craft, even after the years passed.

If this is but a tease of what’s to come for the future of MCR, then fans are in for a whirlwind of Emo nostalgia that comes off years of pining on the old days of Myspace and Habbo Hotel.

You can grab your own copy of “The Foundations of Decay” available through Apple Music and other platforms now.