Tales from Six Feet Under, the first solo endeavor by former Delain vocalist, Charlotte Wessels, was released in 2021 via Napalm Records. On this album, she debuts a track in her native tongue, the Dutch hit known as “Afkicken”. Now, almost a year later, she unveils a cinematic-level production for the song that also marks the last music video release from the Tales from Six Feet Under saga.

“Afkicken”, the compilation’s second track combines both electronics and industrial vibes with an astonishing vocal performance while simultaneously enchanting a frightful atmosphere that starts from the first note. “Afkicken” is yet another nod to Wessels’ musical prowess, and her range of capabilities in artistic nature that keeps us on edge release after release.

Charlotte on the song and video:
“From the moment I finished the track “Afkicken” – my very first song in Dutch, I desperately wanted to tell the story of the song’s protagonist in a way that transcends language. I’m thrilled about this absolute fever dream of a video full of cults, monsters and murder I’ve put together with the amazing cast and VideoInk crew. This video isn’t only an ode to some of my favorite films; on a personal level, it presented some brand new experiences and challenges, from wild choreographies to some serious shape-shifting. I’m really excited to bring this one into the world!”

The environment is painted with a mute palette – fading greens, and pale grays as it seems the Seasons have come to turn once more. Sharp bends do not deter the weary gaze, though the road winds ever onward, until the monstrosity appears…

The contrast of colours, shifting from the pale day to velvet crimson and fiery orange evoke an eerieness and intrigue to this video’s story. To wake from a nightmare, only to be plagued by dark visions and ritualistic summons dance on parade. The command to obey, to embrace nature’s timeless wisdom and be reclaimed are noted in plain images, raising curiosity as the song moves on. The small pauses, and quick shifts in tempo add a flare of excitement, while keeping a riddle-like foundation for this track’s story-telling purposes.

Ghostly silhouettes, having stretched their arms to the sky, as if to bring down an unspoken blessing are cast by almost mindless dancers. As the story moves on, we can see the chosen slain, and the consequences formed from the main character’s visions. The music is a perfect soundtrack to the events unfolding, in a well-paced fashion, that create tension and mystery while not dwelling too long on artistry or unnecessary symbolism. In the end, we see our dancers returned to the Earth as intended, and our murderous Wessels bound for a fate unknown.

If Charlotte were ever to jump into production or directing, we know exactly how it would go. Her story-telling capabilities are just another notch in her artistic journal, one that is painted well with wondrous art pieces, and unparalleled lyrical expression.

If you’re interested in more of Charlotte’s work, you can jump onto her Patreon for around 3 Euros (Just over $3 USD) which includes chats, artwork, and new music on a regular basis!

You can also order your own copy of Tales from Six Feet Under on vinyl here through Napalm Records.