Warriors of the Galaxy, and followers from the Kingdom of Fife, Gloryhammer begins the next chapter of their endless saga with their new single “Fly Away”! The fight against the evil forces of Zargothrax continue, so climb aboard your trusted Unicorn, grab your Hammer and let’s fly!

After introducing Sozos Michael as the newest generation of Angus McFife (Angus McFife V to be specific) in December 2021, and as the new vocalist for the Power Metal band, Gloryhammer had yet to reveal any new work that would include him. This, of course, got fans scratching their heads and thirsting for new content, which Gloryhammer would happily unveil for us on April 29th, 2022 via Napalm Records in the form of a new Music Video titled “Fly Away”.

Starting in signature Gloryhammer fashion, we meet the new Angus with the line “I wanna fly away, on a Unicorn to a land of freedom and light,” which starts light-hearted enough with its fantasy tune and ballad-like sound. Quickly, the line changes, “But I know that my destiny is to die in the ultimate fight,” where we see McFife’s voice shift from light and airy to one of passion and fire.

Kick off the pyrotechnics and get the hammers ready because we jump right into battle against Zargothrax and his Goblin-like forces that threaten our heroes with might and magic. We get a quick electric keyboard solo between hammering drums and star-shattering riffs but, the beat isn’t left behind.

It’s easy to find yourself moving along to this track, singing along with the chorus after the first round because you’re already in the thick of it. Blazing guitar solos and wild battles complete this song, and the video, until all that remains is Zargothrax and McFife to face off as fate intended. Naturally, Zargothrax retreats to try again another day but, McFife is undeterred.

Seeing Sozos jump right into the roll of Angus McFife is seamless, as if he’s been there all along, waiting for his time to enter the fray. It’s the same Gloryhammer we know and love, with wildly creative imaginations bringing fantasy to life, and infectious tunes that strum our heart strings no matter how cheesy they are.

Gloryhammer joins Warkings and Elvenking this summer for the Interdimensional Hammer Quest Tour that kicks off in June 2022! They’ll also be touring the UK and Ireland on their “Fly Away” Tour with Brothers of Metal and Arion!