It’s a setting as old as time itself – Pirates on the open sea, searching for that buried treasure, and the long-fabled fountain of youth. This time, from the deep and the dark, Symphonic Metal Explorers Visions of Atlantis unveil their third single, titled “Master the Hurricane” off their album ‘Pirates’ that dropped TODAY!

With over a 7-minute run time, this track takes us on yet another adventure, joining hand-in-hand with our Pirate comrades in an absolute banger of a journey.

With heart-pounding orchestrations, and stunning instrumentals, this track is only amplified by Clementine’s soothing vocal melody that teases a sense of peace against a raging storm.

Imaginative CGI and creative story-telling take the brilliance of this song and force them into a fully visualized fantasy wonderland. Atmospheric darkness and a shadowy figure stalk our Captain at every turn, bringing a rising dread to the surface long before our story turns. With courageous solos, epic highs, and shattering drums, this is canon-fire that doesn’t miss!

Torrential downpours, fierce winds, and rising waves batter our crew to bring nightmare into reality. With lyrics like “feeling the rays of the sun, they’re guiding my way,” shadowed by the chorus of “raging storms, bring the rain, how can I master the hurricane,” create imaginative contrast from which we can fully visualize the hope turned to fear with eyes closed long after the music video ends.

Without a doubt, this is an album to wrap your tentacles around, with hit after hit battering your ship until the maelstrom has taken you down completely.

You can grab your copy of ‘Pirates’ here via Napalm Records!