If you thought for one second that Wind Rose was going to release one single off their upcoming album, ‘Warfront’ and that would be the only banger, you were sorely mistaken.

This track is absolute fire!! (no pun intended) starting off with intense visuals and epic riffs that simply blow you away. Smoke rises in the darkness, with a single soul to escape the fate already met by her village. We enter the Dwarven Forges, packed with molten stone surrounding the legendary anvil. We come together to build the tools necessary for survival, and not for war. There’s no gentleness to this track, contrasting “Gates of Ekrund” quite well as it keeps the heaviness coming again and again without fail.

I was head-banging from the start, easily meshing with the band as it would seem, as steel and fire come together to forge the tools needed to strike down our enemies. The deathly cold of winter is balanced with the fiery forges, a balance of light and dark that would come to clash in a battle of Dwarf vs. Orc – Good vs. Evil.

How can you not be pulled in by lines like “we are blinded by the blood of our enemies. And once together we rise.,” as if you aren’t part of the kin they speak of? “We are the fire for the smithery. We are ready to burn,” as it is clear that unity in not only kin but, in craft are to be heeded like oath.

If you’re new to Wind Rose, and the Dwarven Metal they create, you will no doubt be in for a treat when the full album – Warfront, is released June 10th, 2022. You can pre-order your copy here: Warfront