It’s been a month since Alex/Divide Music‘s release of the heart-wrenching track, “D.I.T.F.” based on DC Comics’ Red Hood but, his inspirations show no end, as he unveils his newest track titled “The Other Side” as inspired by anime Black Clover‘s main protagonist Asta.

Those unfamiliar with the series should know that Black Clover follows a young boy named Asta, who is born without any magical power. This is a rarity, for in the world in which he lives, it seems every individual shows some level of magical capabilities throughout their life. Alongside his fellow Mages, the Black Bulls, Asta aims to become the next Wizard King despite the odds being against him.

As we come in on light-hearted notes, and inspirational lyrics (all too common with DM‘s infectious tracks), verses like “Even if they doubt me” and “I will say it proudly – soon you will know who I am” come in like show-stoppers. Commanding attention from simple, yet well executed lines like these, we anticipate the drop yet, are still taken off-guard by its twist on the way down.

Like most tracks, DM‘s musical influence pulls in Alternative Rock, Metal, and electronic elements with beautiful instrumentals, and orchestration, to complete his vision. The result is a familiar yet unique sound that haunts our ears from the first listen, and beyond. The sparkling visuals, moving from pale gray to vivid blues and reds allow emotion to flow through this powerful track, pulling us in to be completely enveloped by the story. Again and again I am blown away at each and every track that’s released that doesn’t seem to top the last yet, stand by its side as a trust-worthy rival; like one that supports you yet, pushes you to move forward.

Some of my favourite releases include his tracks for Bleach – “Relentless”, Demon Slayer – “Set It On Fire”, and Hellsing – “Confess”, among many others. If you’re an Anime or Manga fan, much like I am, you’ll definitely dig his work!

You can find more of Divide Music‘s work across most streaming platforms including Spotify. You can also sign up to be one of the first to see the work on his upcoming releases via his Patreon.