Solarus has been soaring through the Metal scene since the release of their latest album “A Dance With Tragedy” that debuted December 17th, 2021. With tracks like “Guiding Light” giving us a mere glimpse at the wondrous techniques we would see, and the title track “A Dance With Tragedy” feat. Vicky Psarakis (The Agonist) leaving jaws on the floor; it was only a matter of time until we were graced with another banger of an expressive tale through their latest video.

The visuals in this video are spectacular, with the band utilizing the Spring thaw to build some ferocious atmosphere. With blowing wind, snow squalls, and the peeking bits of leaf and tree, there is a longing to be felt, especially when attached to lyrics like “I trapped within the keeper of my mortal sin.” Watching Dan swing his bass to the beat with ease like its an extension of his own body is mesmerizing, and seeing Chris’ dedication to his craft is astounding, even when bundled in colder temperatures, he isn’t to be restricted from throwing out some tremendous drum beats.

Flashes from the band, to the added visuals create a beautiful blend of passion and artistic expression. As in Solarus fashion, the ferocity of their guitar solos are shown in elevation to give us that live-level of skill and love that comes with band member Lucas leaving his soul in the open for all to witness. Troy is not to be outdone, showing his own skill and enthusiasm through terrifying riffs and intense head-banging.

Sarah’s epic vocal range isn’t over-shadowed either, with her own performance coming in strong. Once more, I must comment on how glorious it is to see her range getting full usage from her deep mids to unbound highs, not once stopping to restrict her talent.

The contrasting black on white snow shows the depth the lyrics have in this track. While musical strength is prominent, it is not to overwhelm beautiful lines like, “to the sound of my heartbeat fading through the rain as my tears are falling,” and “when I look beyond myself it’s not just me it’s everybody else.” These lines not only depict deep reflection but, the duality of light and dark deep within as we also see painted quite vividly in both environment and outfit choice. This is also displayed in the black and white clips we see throughout, from dimly lit candles to shadowy silhouettes that allude to deeper, darker tales.

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