Ready those axes and saddle up on your favourite Dino friend! Power Metal Space Warriors VICTORIUS announce their new album with a fiery single titled “Dinos and Dragons”. And as an avid fan of both Dinosaurs, AND Dragons, I was already on board before the song began.

VICTORIUS pulls us back into a world of far-out myths, tales, and battles with all new allies to save mankind in their new album ‘Dinosaur Warfare Pt. 2 – The Great Ninja War’. This album will merge the world of the band’s ‘Dinosaur Warfare – Legend of the Power Saurus EP’ and previous album release, ‘Space Ninjas from Hell’. The otherworldly joining into one entity blends the thrilling plot of their new concept with ancient storytelling, pulling you into a world so immersive you wonder if you’re listening to an album or truly experiencing the next blockbuster action adventure.

Napalm Records will release the album on June 24th, 2022 that will have all the adventures of seeing mighty Dinosaurs once again rise up to fight off the evil space ninja clan called the Sunbladers. Led into battle by a magical mammoth, the laser Dinos will unite their power on earth and in the sky to put a stop to the Ninjas second attempt at enslaving mankind!

This single is catchy and epic, will all the intensity that Power Metal strives to deliver and filled with wild guitar solos that hammer in the battle atmosphere.

To deny the cheesiness of this music video and melody is deny how epic it is in execution. With all the Gloryhammer vibes of armour and story-telling, this track puts in CGI magic to give us a wicked look at some cool Dragons, and vicious Dino friends that join our side. I mean, just look at the album’s cover art, how can you NOT want to be a part of this?!

The Ninjas are a mysterious element all their own, moving with agility through the shadows until they unleash their surprise attacks. The speed never drops in this track, not even for some of the wildest guitar solos to date.

It’s catchy, upbeat, and fun, really pulling you into the adventure and making you want to pick up your own sword and join the fight. Don’t forget to tack on your scanner too, because this track runs over 9000! The spectacular SFX really drive home the epicness of this track, and had me watching and listening on more than one occasion, moving along to the beat without hesitation.

This is one hell of an adventure, and to pass it by would be a sin to any Power Metal fan both old and new. If you’ve been waiting for a new journey to start, then grab your saddle and choose your steed – Dino or Dragon, and get ready for war!

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You can also check out more VICTORIUS goodies via their Bandcamp! Check ’em out!