After the well-received release of their latest album, ‘Diamanti’, TEMPERANCE is back with their newest single, “Set Yourself Free”! This bonus track is cut from the official digital deluxe version of the album, and is out now via Napalm Records!

Rhythm guitars meet melodies and brilliant compositions, unveiling Temperance’s vocal prowess to exceed their potential. These modern melodic metallers triumph once again as they drop into more modern metal to give us a special moment that draws us back into their world for another turn.

Drums come in strong and heavy, blasting your speakers or headphones with an infectious pulse before the riffs break in on a terrifying high. Rhythm pulls back, synchronizing the melody and letting the vocals run wild.

The speed of this track is unreal, with a chorus that’s loud and catchy in its performance. There’s no lows or ethereal drops in this track to give us relief, just solid, hammering speed and beat that keeps energy high and blood pumping.

After having reviewed Diamanti in months prior, this track blew me away with its ferocity, really showing that Temperance is limitless in the musical genres they wish to take part in.

You can snag your own copy of Temperance’s latest album, ‘Diamanti’ here! And don’t forget to check out MORE from the band via Napalm Records – Temperance. Or their very own Bandcamp!