As Frontman Toschie says, “May we have the next dance?”

Audrey Horne is proud to unveil their second single off their upcoming album ‘Devil’s Bell’ titled “Danse Macabre” via Napalm Records with a music video debut over on YouTube!

After spending 20 decades in the music scene, Norwegian Rockers Audrey Horne begin to tease at what just may be their strongest album yet! With the worldwide pandemic crushing live shows, they were driven into isolation and lockdown like so many others but, became focused and determined to work on the new album under their own terms. It is 100% Audrey Horne as they recorded it all on their own with only Avre to produce it, and long-time ‘secret’ member Herbrand Larsen to mix it.

More than satisfied with how the whole album has turned out, the band feels they’ve kept to their roots but added in a few new elements to both excite and intrigue new and old fans alike.

This track starts off right on the Audrey Horne vibe with solid riffs and moving drums. You’re dancing in an instant, moving side to side or head-banging along as the beat becomes steady and the vocals kick in.

The highs are wicked, pulling out all the stops to really get you into this track with perfectly escalating drums and dropping bass. Vocals remain strong, with an almost Ozzy Osbourne sound, and steady from verse to chorus, shifting from lengthy holds to quick hits in solid repetition.

The low running solo is very unique, pulling you in with a 70’s like groove sound that’s echoed by gradually ascending strings. It’s not too short, or too long in delivery and really drives the energy of this melody into the sky. It’s got all the workings of a future classic rock song in the making, whether by popularity or cult classic, and is sure to be a hit on playlists for years to come.

It’s a bit slower in speed compared to previously released, title track “Devil’s Bell” back in February (see below) but it only adds to the catchy undertones this entire album is going to put forth.

You can pre-order your own copy of Devil’s Bell here!