Following on the heels of the critically acclaimed studio album “Call Of The Wild” released less than a year ago comes Powerwolf’s newest single “Sainted By The Storm” that was revealed March 25th, 2022 via Napalm Records.

This track not only combines the efforts and skill of each band member, it amplifies them, united, to create a sure future hit across home and international waters, just as ‘Call Of The Wild” did not that long ago.

From Powerwolf:
“We would like to thank you all for your fantastic support with the release of a brand new song! It’s been less than a year since we released our new album Call Of The Wild and it’s rather unusual for us to follow up so soon, but we miss you all and were overwhelmed by your comments and feedback not only on the last album but also on our streaming event “The Monumental Mass”, despite the lack of live shows and the opportunity to see each other again and celebrate a furious metal mass together! Enjoy “Sainted By The Storm”, this one is for you, wolves!”

Once again Zsofia Dankova boasts astonishing artwork with the detailed cover work, just as done on all of the band’s previous artworks. The lyric video allows you to follow along seamlessly with this wondrous new creation in typical Powerwolf fashion. The beat is solid and heavy, with vocals coming in strong and energetic along both hook and chorus.

You can truly hear the strength the band has put into this new single with instrumentals being cranked to 10 and vocals progressively tackling ascending highs. It’s not only strong in terms of creation but in sound, easily catchy in its exploration with a chorus that really hammers down on you from the very beginning, amplified by the beat of the drums and ringing keys. Of course, don’t forget the vicious guitar solos that come with this Power Metal band that tear flesh from bone but, leave enough to let you enjoy the chorus one last time.

You can snag the latest single here!