From After Forever to ReVamp to Nightwish, Floor is no newcomer to the Metal scene. With vocal prowess that can conquer hellish lows and sky highs, the mere presence of her voice and smile has shaken the metal world for decades.

Performing her first solo concert in July of 2021, the taste for solo achievement began to stir, and shortly after Jansen confirmed that she was, indeed, working on a solo album to come in the near future. Unveiling covers including the beautiful “Ave Maria” and “Into the Unknown” from Disney’s Frozen 2, Floor has conquered the music world with her brilliance and vocal performance.

Her first single, debuting on March 25th, 2022, is called “Fire” and it is exactly that. It’s tender, and slow in its introduction, giving us the balanced voice we have come to know and love from Floor. Lyrics are simple yet, deep in their exquisite vocalization that comes with lingering, gentle highs and progressive growth as they ascend through the chorus.

“No more smoldering ashes of ‘went-bys’, keep the fire going, and burning,” are not only inspirational lyrics but, one that hold literal fire and depth. To ignite your passion, your purpose, and your dreams so that you may thrive. The velvet crimsons, hazy yellows, and eternal blues that paint the atmosphere of the music video are dramatic and filled with emotion. You can see the smile on Floor’s face, and hear it in her voice as she belts out this track without hesitation.

What Floor has given us with just this near 3 and a half minute track is a hair-pulling tease at what she likely has in store for us. From vocals, to expression, to performance, her level of growth and progression is limitless and I am BEYOND excited to see what’s next.

Stream “Fire” live on Spotify, and other streaming services, and don’t forget to check out Floor’s Bandcamp for MORE!