Are you a fan of LoTR? Dungeons N’ Dragons? Or maybe even Snow White? How about World of Warcraft? Warhammer? No? What about Norse mythology and the legacy of Dwarven workmanship? Well, even if you don’t like it, or don’t know a thing about it, you’re sure as hell to love Wind Rose and their newest track “Gates of Ekrund” off the upcoming album ‘Warfront’ out this June via Napalm Records!

Best known for their song “Diggy Diggy Hole” that’s amassed more than 32 million views on YouTube, Italian-based Power/Folk Metal legion Wind Rose has once again unveiled one hell of a music video. From “Drunken Dwarves” to “We Were Warriors” and “Return to Erebor” this band has unleashed track after track of emotional lore recaps from JRR Tolkien to Warhammer repeatedly hammering us with wicked instrumentals and vocals you can’t help but sing along with.

So to keep things short for those unfamiliar with the nerdy side of Metal, Ekrund is a former Dwarven stronghold in the Warhammer world. You knew this would get nerdy, didn’t you? Naturally, this track is about the defense and fall of that hold, and how the outnumbered Dwarves fought many months of bloody battle against the Orcs until the hold finally fell to the Greenskins.

This entire music video is FILLED with action, adventure, and lore. The story is played out well with a mix of atmospheric CGI and armour-clad actors. Even the Orcs look pretty authentic, coming off creepy and intimidating! The lead in with ships on the water is gentle, teasing only a fraction of the war that’s about to punch us right in the face with “Fire! Fire! Fire and Stone!”

I greatly admire the dedication Wind Rose puts into their music videos, taking a cinematic approach to not only their music but their productions as well to really make us feel like we’re in the moment. From battle and bloodshed, to windy hills. We’re all in this together, and it couldn’t get me more pumped!

It’s hard not get right into this song, with the band playing a huge part in building the intensity and emotion of this track not only with their passionate performance musically but, for story as well. After the first round of the chorus I was singing along, trying not to slam my fist into the air and smash my computer screen to bits though it would’ve fit the mood.

Is there more to come from Wind Rose in the near future? I sure hope so, because my Dwarven Metal-loving heart simply can’t wait till June!

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