Adventure Rockers HÄLLAS have announced the release of their newest album Isle of Wisdom (Napalm Records) to drop on April 8th, 2022; and with it comes their single “Elusion’s Gate” released as a visualizer on March 2nd.

It’s a groovy, 70’s style track in feel, reminiscent of Chris de Burgh and his melodies with further electronic embrace. The rhythm is contagious, making you move along almost instantly as guitars carry you through the melody to another realm.

A creative mix of highs and lows flows effortlessly rather than cut for drops or breakdowns. The synths add a space odyssey feel that takes you back to psychedelic memories in a smoker’s room before a dimly lit dance floor.

This track is both soothing, and grooving, in its performance, paving the path on what to expect from the Swedish Adventure Rockers on their upcoming album.

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