Joining the re-release of their debut album “Echoes of the Soul” (Napalm Records) comes the newest single from the all female Death metal quartet Crypta titled “I Resign.”

Released on March 3rd, 2022, the official Music Video was aired on YouTube portraying an eclectic mix of confusion and grief paled by conscious thought and risk vs. reward mentality. Someone desperately seeks relief from suffering, a door before them of release appears but, it must be sought through further suffering. To understand safe haven and shelter may not be so easily found, the emptiness of that searching consumes them.

Lyrics like “Asylum I seek, an intolerable reality. Shelter I seek, inescapable suffering,” add fuel to an already intense track that keeps urging us forward through barbed wire and torture.

An all too relatable song staring down our own reality with furious riffs and vicious vocals that batter us beyond the song’s end.

This track will be a bonus for fans that will accompany the re-issued debut album upon its re-release on April 1st – preorder here!