As a hardcore LOTR fan it’s a video I simply had to check out. The expertly played harp and dual vocals blend to create a unique and exquisite harmony from the very beginning. It’s a song to bring you light in the darkest of places when all other light seems lost.

Revealing itself on March 1st, the memories that this song brings back brought tears to my eyes. The perfectly timed guitar solo is nothing short of epic, executed with skill and grace to fit the melody in its own sound but, without soaring above it.

“May it be an evening star, shines down upon you. May it be when darkness falls, your heart will be true” – the first words send a shiver down your spine with a flood of LOTR imagery and emotion rushing back before your very eyes and settling into your heart once more.

The metal addition is a welcome touch to a slow and gentle track, keeping its message but energizing its strength and expression to come from sorrow and hopelessness to one of perseverance and determination. The exploration shown in Elven garb among a fading forest increases the emotional carnage to deepen the heartfelt melody at its core. It’s a cover I find myself listening to again and again without a single track spaced between.

The combination of metal, mixed with the nostalgic lyrics, and touched by classic tribute to LOTR imagery makes this cover one of the best out there.