If you haven’t been living under a rock these past several years, there’s no doubt you’ve listened to at least one song by the band Ghost and enjoyed it. “Twenties” is no different – despite its broadway-style introduction and strange melody, it grows on you like warmth, or a fever, whatever you see it as.

Dropping March 2nd, the official lyric video for “Twenties” appeared on YouTube. It starts off, as I said, like some dark musical and comes as such with deep metal elements that bring in both heaviness and dance-tone to the beat.

As per traditional Ghost sound, the creepy elements ring through, adding ghoulish undertones and shadowy intent with lyrics like “In the twenties, we’ll be grinding in a pool of moolah,” that at first seems kind of off-hand and funny but, oddly dark.

Of course, it’s catchy, in a dark humour sort of way, as an infectious track that you cock an eyebrow at on first listen but, quickly find it sinking into your brain. The groovy beat makes it one that sticks regardless of your initial opinion.

When you finally realize this track is a reference to the 2020’s and not the 1920’s with the world’s state and the lyrical expressions you really begin to reflect on your own perspectives from the last two years like, ‘damn Ghost, you really went deep with this one.’