North of the wall, there comes a breed of Metal unlike any other. With tormented riffs, skull-shattering drums, and heavenly vocals, comes a Power Metal band from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada that’s sure to kick your playlist up a notch.

Off their album Mark Of The Wolf comes their music video for “Crucible” that dropped on February 19th over on YouTube. Dark and ambient to increase the ritualistic atmosphere and story, this track takes us down the tale of the Salem Witch Trials, and the accusations that those women faced with great malice and relentless judgment.

Solid, defining riffs immediately pull you in, with a single Witch facing the noose against a crowd of blood-thirsty onlookers. There’s an old-school Judas Priest vibe with ascending vocal highs in the chorus, while a rigid bridge and verses lead into more Painkiller level solo performances.

The band ensures their energy levels stay on par with the beat, matching tone and intensity with rhythmic glory and metal hair flying. The unexpected drop is drool-worthy with tremendous solos, and wild shreds that encapsulate this band’s passion with fire and fury.

The subsequent ending and falling of the crowd brings a smile but, it’s the finale that really adds a hearty laugh to this track that let’s you know that Lycanthro doesn’t take themselves too seriously, while still remaining Metal AF.

You can listen to more Lycanthro over on their YouTube channel and their Bandcamp!