I always like to start off these reviews with a little history, and if that’s not your jam, then scroll down to after the video link for the review. However, I thoroughly believe that Sabaton takes the initiative to drive us to learning more about our History, so I’ve taken the same initiative.

This song pays tribute to Sir Adrian Carton De Wiart (picture below), the Unkillable Soldier, who stood his ground when faced with a number of overwhelming obstacles and scenarios. Spanning six decades, and involved in four wars, Adrian Carton De Wiart, proved time and time again that he was indeed unkillable. The Belgian-born British Officer lost a hand, an eye, survived numerous plane crashes, and sustained, as counted, 11 severe injuries to his body including being shot in the hip, chest, and leg. Adrian had fully dedicated himself to each and every military effort, stating “Frankly, I had enjoyed the war”, before passing away at the age of 83 years old in 1963.

Not only does Sabaton tell of this man’s devotion to the War but, they retell his life from the moment he enlists, to his efforts Africa, the Allied Forces, the Somme, and even Passchendaele. Through trenches, mud, and barbed wire they should that the Unkillable soldier was not only devoted but, he clearly had War running through his veins.

From being shot in the eye, to literally jumping back in. Losing his hand and asking it to be severed so he can return to the front lines, again and again, not only does he return but, he returns with vigor and enthusiasm beyond all else.

There is an energy in this video, and the song not only about bravery but, about standing your ground and holding true to your beliefs and stance. “At the edge of madness, in a time of sadness. An immortal soldier finds his home,” picks the chorus and has us running in pace with this deathless man; while following lyrics like “Never broken, he’ll be back for more,” keeps us going.

This feels more like an honourary ballad than a power metal track but, that makes it no less catchy nor does it make us want to embrace it any less. Sabaton, once again, through their historical retelling, shows similar devotion in their memory of this Soldier, to the likes of his own lifetime in War. After all, it was not even a War that killed this man but, his ripe old age. I always appreciate Sabaton’s own involvement in these retellings. Taking the time in the last few videos to actually take part in historical recreations to show truth within the impact of their lyrics, and breathe life into things we’ve only read, in most cases, in History books.

“The Unkillable Soldier” leads the charge not only in battle but, in musical strength as well. Solos run rampant with high note riffs bringing intensity to an already ferocious recreation. If you’ve heard the song but, have yet to check out the video, make sure you do, not only for the education but, to take in Sabaton and their Historical teachings as the full experience, as they’re meant to be.

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