If you thought for a second that Kreator was done, finally taking old age into consideration when it comes to their Thrash Metal roots and performances, than you couldn’t be more wrong.

Uprisings, terror, hatred, and rebellion are all prominent in this video, as it has been in the previous topics of their tracks. To “hate everything” per say, isn’t cool, or unique, or rebellious as one would think. “Hate is the virus of this world” resonates with Metal fans and humanity alike, and this video shows both actions and consequences to our hate.

From beat downs to breakdowns, Kreator once again proves to us they’re far from ready to throw in the towel. Get the flashing lights and the angry drums ready to go and once again, Kreator unleashes absolute fury on both your eyes and ears.

This song not only has the classic Kreator drums that inspire decimation in its fans when it comes to any stage show but, spine-snapping solos that seer you like a hot iron and leave you absolutely begging for more. I was not, initially, a Kreator fan by any means before they co-headlined with Sabaton in 2018 but, after listening to a few tracks to prepare myself, I became fully engulfed by their energy and impact.

Tracks like “Phantom Antichrist”, and “Satan Is Real” suckered me in with catchy choruses and hellish solos I couldn’t ignore. The more I listened, the more I put them on repeat over and over again until I had entire playlists that were sparsely marked by anything other than Kreator content.

If this track is any indication of what’s to come on their upcoming album of the same name “Hate Über Alles” then I will happily pre-order, pre-save, and listen until my ears bleed and I can’t help but throw the horns into the air.

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