Swedish Melodic Death Metallers, Amon Amarth embark upon the open seas once more, tearing through wind and wave with their newest single “Put Your Back Into The Air” that was released February 17th, 2022. Those who have been waiting for Amon Amarth’s heavy riffs and vicious vocals are in for a true treat with this track, feeling the typical power behind every instrumental being thoroughly executed from end to end.

In the video, we look through the eyes of a young archaeologist who falls into a dream about his discovery of Viking history and a journey that takes him back into times of axes, sword, and shield. He witnesses the plan, the build, the treacherous journey across the sea, glory, death, and the mighty who ascend to Valhalla.

The sheer intensity of having “ROW” shouted out matched by 60 oars beating down against rough waters is awe-inspiring, bringing a bloody sunrise over the shores and putting you in the middle of the action. With lyrics like “glory calls from beyond the waves. Beckons those with a heart for war,” echoing into the air, it’s hard not to find yourself moving to this track.

“Who recalls a coward’s name?” is definitely a line that sticks with you long after the song has ended. The eerie creaks and groans from the tired ship that presses on cranks the atmosphere tenfold. For any Amon Amarth fan, this is an undeniable ear worm that sneaks up onto you both lyrically and musically with perfectly timed rhythm and chorus intervals that pick up on key words to keep you enthralled.

You can listen to the single, and purchase it in the link HERE.