Accompanying the release of their latest album “Ecdysis”, Infected Rain has dropped their latest video release for their track “Longing” on YouTube January 7th, 2021.

From the get go we’re thrown into an anxiety-inducing thrill ride fueled by adrenaline and built on the signature longing for something beyond our grasp. A series of unfortunate events drives an individual into a fit of paranoid madness that takes him on a journey of reflection, speculation, and sheer fright as he is “longing for something you pictured in your head.”

A sea of strangely choreographed chaotic movements from the band amongst lifeless statues aids in the visualization of calamity. It is eerie, and haunting whilst we follow along, wandering aimlessly, searching for the answers to shadowed questions.

There are moments of reflection in painted images to depict brief moments of sanity that are quickly overtaken by a deepened sense of uncontrollable desire; the lessons of the past are easily veiled by the shimmer of a potentially prosperous future.

It’s fantastic to see the band, harnessing live-performance level energy to fully reveal the impact of the song and its lyrics; such can be seen in Vidick’s erratic thrashing that moves to gentle sways that match the melody; or in the way Lena head bangs at the beginning, and darts in and out of her own fluid motions like spurts of insanity picking at her brain.

This song can quickly be seen as an interpretation of the hunt for manufactured happiness belonging to another yet yearned for without knowing its true intentions or consequences. Whether it is truly for ourselves is unknown, it is simply known that it is what is longed for.