American Metalcore band Bad Omens drops into the New Year with a track that comes off as the epitome of chaos; it’s both maddening and adrenaline-pumping called “Artificial Suicide”. Formed in 2015, the band has released hit after hit of vicious metal punches that uplift old fans and round up new ones in an instant.

With popular tracks like “The Worst in Me” easily taking in more than 22 million listens, and “Dethrone” baring over 10 million, it’s easy to see how the fearsome drops, vicious vocals, and passionate musical compositions have gained such traction over the years.

Their newest track is a crimson-veiled depiction of what it takes to bring balance into a technologically fragile existence. Debuting on January 6th across YouTube, the song has gained more than 430k views thus far and continues to climb. Introductory lyrics: “Soaked in the neon glows, silver forked tongues talking to you in the digital snow,” builds an image of our society with the perfect words to describe our addiction and desperation.

The quick change from deep red to bright blue is eerie; changing from warmth and blood or ‘Human’ to one that is void, cold, and indifferent like that of Social Media. Sparks literally ignite as if a last guttural cry for help is trying to break through the ‘white noise’ as it is said.

The video is completely unhinged with back and forth between storytelling and musicians aiding in the overall song’s depiction. The clash of calm and reserved against one that is trying to break free or reach out is one told time and time again but, is carefully portrayed in this video. Lashing out; violence against collection and reservation results in screaming aloud regardless.

“You hate the shape when you have to see an unfamiliar face on an all black screen. Can you hear me through the white noise, friend?” is a perfect telling of the doom-scrolling from social media, and the urge to reach out to a familiar face, and someone you trust despite the sea of desperate followers, fans, and onlookers. I love the back and forth of this song, and the careful selection of colours, backdrop, and emotional shift that’s portrayed throughout.

Bad Omens once again unleashes a firestorm of brutality with this track, and no doubt, the entire album upon its release.

To pre-order “The Death of Peace of Mind” out February 25th, 2022. <– click the album title.