The first track from their upcoming album, “Fishing for an Apparition” (set to drop March 18th, 2022) is a true Folk Prog Metal treat. From Toronto, Ontario, Iomair combines a mix of harsh and melodic vocals that are truly reminiscent of a Bard, strumming his lute in some long-forgotten Tavern while a brawl breaks out filled with clanking cutlery, and battered shields. With influences from Alestorm and Eluveitie, there is a touch of story-telling, classical instrumentals, and elusive melody.

The use of bard-like chords to bring the Folk metal essence to the forefront is wondrous, while the mix of harsh and clean vocal sets are layered well not only with one another but, with the melody.

The progressive elements slaughter your ear drums with intensity and upbeat charm. Headbanging, dance-worthy, and admirable by tavern patrons and metal fans alike, “Last Buccaneers of the Scarborough Inn” is a delightful journey through timeless adventures both old and new.

The flow, part way, becomes gentle, changing the atmosphere from heavy-drunken story-telling to one of calm with a jazz-tune reminiscent of old speak easies before flipping the tables, and smudging a cigarettes out in your eye. It’s a welcome track to introduce 2022 and what we can expect from the world of metal – and it is going to be EPIC.

You can treat your ear holes to this new track on their bandcamp: Iomair <– by clicking here.