Northern Germany’s Power Metal Masters Mob Rules have unleashed their newest single, “Hymn Of The Damned” via Steamhammer/SPV and it is LEGENDARY! Originally crafted in 2019, this track tells the story of the many obstacles and hardships that a despotic world must overcome.

A derivation of fiction that, in a few short years, became all too realistic, making this track much more impactful in the current 2023.

In an age where our world continues to face crisis, hardship, and conflict, Mob Rules wants to unveil their message of hope and strength in “Hymn Of The Damned”. While they don’t stray from the harshest topics, they instead choose to tackle them head on in hopes of strengthening the human bond, offering courage and compassion to help us bring light to a darkening future.

Singer Klaus Dirks explains:
“When we wrote this song, we wanted to tell a story. I love these parallel worlds like in Mad Max or Waterworld. We wanted to write something that gives hope and reminds us that together, we can make a difference – be it in a fictional world or the real world. A message that is becoming more and more important!”

With striking lyrics that remind us normalcy and habits long since past, mixed with infectious melody and stunning riff work, this track finds you moving along within mere moments. An anthem for our struggles and fears, one that will motivate us to push forward and fight the misery facing our lives.

MOB RULES Live 2023
21.04. DE-Oldenburg – Cadillac (sold out)
22.04. DE-Weiher – Live Music Hall
23.04. DE-Selb – Rock Club
27.04. BE-Bilzen – South Of Heaven
28.04. BE-Mechelen – Transit M De Club
29.04. DE-Oberhausen – Resonanzwerk
05.05. DE-Bremen – Meisenfrei

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