It’s no shock to say that this track absolutely bludgeoned an entire generation. For many of us, our pre-teen and teenage years held the words and music of Linkin Park in our very souls. From MSN statuses to Mypsace themes, we all once featured tracks like “Numb” and “In The End” somewhere across the internet; scrawled across our notebook or binder, scrawled across our hearts.

Originally recorded for 2003’s Meteora album, the song, all too fittingly titled “Lost“, made its debut in February of 2023, and ignited a sullen flame inside the hearts of millions with barely a note. The first alt-rock song to top charts in well over a decade, “Lost” made its way to listeners on the news of Meteora‘s 20th anniversary, and features the late Chester Bennington’s signature, and well-loved vocal prowess.

So coincidentally starting with “just a scar somewhere down inside of me, something I cannot repair,” fans are reminded of 2017’s loss, when the news of Chester’s passing hit our ears. This track brings a heap of emotions, tearing open old wounds and striking new ones as Chester’s vocals, familiar yet different, wash over us like a tidal wave. The pain was overwhelming, with tears, anger, happiness, all welling up and pouring out in unmatched unity. A generation that grew to identify with Linkin Park’s melancholic lyrics as we came to know ourselves was once more greeted by someone, something we thought we’d ‘lost’ in time.

In unwavering expectation, more than 27 million views, and 1.3 million likes have completely overtaken this song on YouTube, bringing a wealth of comments that strike up old memories to a generation of new discovery; the lyrics that once helped millions to express themselves once long ago, still do.

Lyrically, Linkin Park has given us more than a legacy but, for Chester, that legacy will forever remain ignited in every bit of energy, and emotion he allowed us to receive. Linkin Park may be nostalgic but, they and Chester will forever be more than a memory.

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