After a more than successful run with their previous series ‘The Unforgiving‘ that came alongside the 2014 album with the same name, Within Temptation teases fans with brand new images and insight into a comic series set with previously released tracks from 2019, and the virtual concert content from 2021.

Within Temptation says:
The Purge cover-star GENESIS has come to life on our stage and in different merchandise designs, and now she will be taking you on the biggest quest of her life – in both our next album as well as in our comic book series! 

We’ll bring the reckoning! We’re returning to comics with an all new series exploring a distant future, where a techno-organic matriarch defends humanity from a ruthless artificial intelligence.

Drawing inspiration from the music and visuals of 2019’s RESIST, and our 2021 virtual concert ‘The Aftermath‘, this official series debuts in May, with a limited edition first print edition available to pre-order now.”


In the distant future, an endless battle rages between two species—an advanced but inherently humanoid species ruled by a techno-organic matriarch on one side, and a cruel race of alien artificial intelligences on the other. Several stories collide to paint a sweeping portrait of the matriarch’s life and her struggle to balance what she was created to be with the impossible forces that shape her.

Printing May 10th, 2023

First Print Edition Features:

– Limited to 2500 copies
– Individually numbered
– Specialty foil treatment
– Cardstock cover
– Glossy pages


COVER ART: Agustin Alessio
WRITTEN BY: Marieke Nijkamp 
ART: Montos
LETTERS: Jacob Bascle
EDITOR: Denton Tipton