Foregone is set to debut February 10th, 2023 via Nuclear Blast Records but, that hasn’t stopped In Flames from offering us upa buffet of heavy riffs and vocal mysticism beforehand. With previous singles “Foregone Pt. 1” and “Foregone Pt. 2” unveiling familiar In Flames melodies in what seems like brand new musical territory, the new “Meet Your Maker” only continues with that trend.

Debuting January 16th, 2023, “Meet Your Maker” knocked old and new In Flames to the ground with one of their heaviest intros to-date. The accompanying music video adds to that heaviness, revealing the band in all their stage-conquering glory and power.

The drums are what immediately caught my attention, hitting me with thunder-like levels via Tanner Wayne’s jaw-dropping skill before the melodic vocals commence. “Meet your maker. Say something that makes sense. Those are your last words, so make them worth the wait,” – plain and simple, right? So, why do they sound so badass? Oh, right, it’s Anders’s vocal range.

Consistently adding impact to the already weighty instrumentals of their presence, Anders once again takes the atmosphere of a song, and puts an emotional rawness to it. It’s a return to the In Flames I was introduced to in the early 2000’s from tracks like “Only For The Weak“, “Clayman“, and “Trigger” coming to mind. The heavy beats meet the melodic tone to create something terrifying and mesmerizing.

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