For fifteen years, Poland’s own Suffering Mind has been progressively refining and mastering their scorching style of anti-fascist grindcore, having released 3 full lengths and a number of splits and EPs. The result is the ferocious speed, refinement, and raw anger of Lifeless – the band’s fourth full length with 16 tracks of unyielding, vicious, and cranked up grindcore.

Lifeless has been unveiled as a cassette tape release on part of 783punx Pizza boxset – limited to just 25 numbered copies. Pre-orders are running now so get on yours before it’s gone!

7 inch pizza box with all-over & under-the-lid artwork containing:
– Tape with randomly coloured shell (blue, clear, black, orange or turquoise) + booklet
– 783punx, Psychocontrol Records & Grindfather Productions sticker
– Cover Artwork screen-printed backpatch
– Cover Artwork sticker
– Grindcore Antifascist sticker
– Suffering Mind logo sticker
– Suffering Mind “Bolt Thrower rip-off” logo sticker
– Cover Artwork postcard
– A3 Cover Artwork poster
– A3 photo collage poster
– Suffering Mind “Bolt Thrower rip-off” Logo enamel metal pin
– Suffering Mind logo Transfer Sticker*
– Suffering Mind “Bolt Thrower rip-off” Logo Transfer Sticker*

*Custom shaped vinyl sticker suitable on glass, cars, furniture etc. Water- & weatherproof. Comes with transfer foil. Check 783punx Transfer Sticker Application Method video.

Side A includes 15 tracks in 8 total minutes while Side B is a montage of noise, samples, and sheer anger. It’s the perfect soundtrack to fuel your destruction on fascism, so snag your copy now!

Album tracklist:
1. Contrived
2. Pointless Exercise
3. Struggle
4. Lifeless
5. Vasted Interest
6. Hoard
7. Collapse
8. Body Parts
9. Total Apathy
10. Betray
11. Media Bias
12. Mite
13. Day One
14. Crawl
15. Waste Away
16. Suffering Dream (Pancerz)

You can also check out more from Suffering Mind, including the Lifeless full-length via their Bandcamp. And don’t forget to follow Suffering Mind on Facebook for news, updates, and more!