Four-piece neo-medieval LYRRE hail from Kraków, PL and have brought to life a sound we can’t quite put our finger on. Hurdy-gurdy master, and former Eluveitie member Michalina Malisz brings to our world the generations of old and new, creating a soundscape of mesmerizing chants and indescribable impact, while building cinematic atmosphere and glory.

After a successful kickstarter to boost their new album, and two singles and music videos to accompany its beyond 100% support, Lyrre is proud to unveil the most important song on the new album’s roster titled, “Call In The Wind“. The song’s relevance is not only near and dear to the members of Lyrre for its beauty but, as the first song ever written for the band. Once they laid down the foundations of this beautiful track, they placed it into the skillful hands of none other than Noah Sebastian (Bad Omens) to construct an experience that left us all breathless.

Between divine soundscapes, musical production passion, and even some of the lyrics, Noah took hold of the seed that Lyrre had given him, and helped it flourish into something phenomenal.

I can’t deny that when this song dropped at around 4:30AM EST, I never imagined I’d be listening to it at 5 AM, shortly after my alarm went off, playing it over and over again until I left for work. Once the music video premiered at 6PM CET, it was another round, and a series of awes and eye-widening admiration all around.

Have I already mastered the chorus? Of course! I was singing it in the truck on my way home tonight (no, I’m completely serious, I was,) and again while at the gym.

Cause when I close my eyes, I see otherworld. The forest of your heart, the river of your soul. When I look within, I finally understand. We must embrace the night, to find the light again“.

The beautiful backdrop of this video against the paleness of its introduction is both dreary yet blank. It offers a sense of hopelessness while shining a light on new beginnings. The white snow, and clear ice. The rugged mountains and their unforgiving flesh. The trees who whisper words of old, having never forgotten what was spoken through their leaves. The bits of hurdy-gurdy, emphasized throughout, is captivating, pulling me in to close my eyes and let it linger deep within as it brings an eerie harmony to the melody.

Lyrics like “Don’t be afraid to lose control, you can’t embrace what you don’t know. You live your life on time you borrow, no yesterday, no tomorrow,” are a brilliant expression of the consequence that occurs when you don’t move forward. You can’t embrace change, or new horizons if you refuse to learn, and take that leap. It offers an insightful look at Michalina’s own steps forward to embrace her passion and bring Lyrre into the light. Michalina’s vocals shine through these lyrics, with a voice that’s unique and tranquil, easily luring in listeners to be entranced by her call.

In the melody, you can hear Noah’s influence, the gentle tone that is reminiscent of some recent tracks of Bad OmensThe Death of Peace of Mind, such as the title track itself. It fits perfectly with Lyrre‘s own harmonies and atmosphere, creating a world of sound and mystery I can’t wait to further discover.

You can snag “Call In The Wind” via the band’s direct link. You can also find their other tunes on their Bandcamp, as well as your favourite streaming service. Don’t forget to watch the other Lyrre music videos too, and follow the band on social media like Facebook and Instagram for updates, news, and much much more!