Modern Symphonic Metal legends Kamelot announce the release of their newest album, The Awakening, set to release March 17th, 2023 via Napalm Records with the release of the heavy new single “One More Flag In The Ground“. And on the excitement of that news, comes the announcement of their Awaken The World European Tour that begins March 12th, 2023.

As one of the most influential, and advancing Symphonic Metal bands in the genre, Kamelot is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of one of their most exciting, inspirational, and energetic albums to date – and their first full-length in five long years, 2023’s freeing new title The Awakening.

Having conquered the shores both internationally and at home, Kamelot continues their siege after successful, chart-topping releases like The Fourth Legacy (1999), The Black Halo (2005), Silverthorn (2012), Haven (2015, US #1 Hard Rock Albums), and the more recent The Shadow Theory (2018, US #2 Hard Music Albums). The Awakening enters Kamelot‘s journey with high expectations but, offering up a bounty of gothic, melodic, symphonic, progressive, and power metal to diversify the album while remaining unyielding in the band’s heavy nature.

photo credit: Nat Enemede

Alongside the news of this album’s debut, Kamelot has offered up fans a taste of what’s to come with the powerful new single “One More Flag In The Ground” – once again proving that Kamelot doesn’t stray away from the heaviness in their melodies, even when advancing in new technique and sound.

KAMELOT vocalist Tommy Karevik:
“The main focus on this video and song was to have a metaphor for the struggles of fighting disease or illness, whether it being physical or mental. Each step of healing and recovery is another Flag in the Ground. With every little step, one more victory won…”

One of few in the Symphonic genre that embraces the heaviness of complete darkness while still dancing in the light, Kamelot engages fans with passionate lyrics, and fiery melodies that come with messages of strength, perseverance, and overcoming the battles within. Being prodded by the extreme shifts in society, and the intense realization that our lives are fleeting, The Awakening fully indulges the truth we seek to acknowledge – we live to be true to no other but ourselves.

Featuring the fiery passion, and intensity Kamelot has come to be known and adored for, we once more bare witness to the incredible apocalyptic cinematics, and pyrotechnics on this new track. It holds weight in its provocative imagery of standing ground, and fighting to retain our own freedom and believes. With robotic adversaries, and a world burning to ash, the emotion and power of this track’s melody, and vocalization is incredibly strong, not only adding to the song’s heartbeat but, to its message as well. “I am a Soldier, I’m marching into battle. I am a Warrior and this is my Creed,” are strong chorus lines that not only uphold this song as an anthem but, one that resonates with listeners to their very core.

Featuring the ethereal, performance-experienced vocal range of Tommy Karevik, and the technical, and ever-experimental skill of guitarist Thomas Youngblood, keyboardist Oliver Palotai, drummer Alex Landenburg, and bassist Sean Tibbitts, The Awakening embraces uplifting themes that are not only relatable but inspirational. Kamelot‘s ever-advancing modernization of gothic and symphonic theatrics is further energized by the raw emotion on this new, yet classic and highly anticipated addition to the Kamelot story.

With the production holding prominent evidence of the band’s longtime producer Sascha Paeth’s involvement, and the mixing and mastering skill of Jacob Hansen of Hansen Studios, Kamelot‘s 13th studio album will see guest accompaniments by the likes of Melissa Bonny (Ad Infinitum), and stunning instrumentalists such as violinist Florian Jonaske, and the Grammy-nominated, soundtrack-skills of cellist Tina Guo.

KAMELOT guitarist Thomas Youngblood says:
“With The Awakening, we have one of our most diverse albums in years. We’ve fused elements from progressive, power and gothic metal to symphonic and melodic metal on this one. Working with incredible guest artists from around the music industry and having producer Sascha Paeth and Jacob Hansen mixing gave us another step up on overall sound. This album offers everything to Kamelot fans and also reaches beyond borders to new metal and hard rock legions.” 

You can pre-order your own copy of The Awakening via the direct link, and don’t forget to check out the band’s socials, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for tour dates, news, announcements and more!