Symphonic Metal force Beyond The Black have just dropped their fifth studio album, self-titled Beyond the Black via Nuclear Blast Records, and with it comes their captivating new music video for the single – “Free Me“. Debuting on the charts in 2015 with their first album Songs Of Love and Death, their home country of Germany saw them absolutely ignite the German Top 15 chart for weeks on end, and earning them the award from Metal Hammer for Best Debut.

In 2016, their prequel album Lost in Forever entered the German Charts at #4 and set their path ahead ablaze. Marking a successful reign from Germany across to countries like the UK, Russia, and as far as Japan. Since their successful creation in 2014, Beyond The Black has played in some of the most powerful music festivals across the world, including the renowned Wacken Open Air festival several times, and touring alongside heavyweight acts like Aerosmith, Saxon, Scorpions, Korn, and Within Temptation.

When their third album Heart Of The Hurricane dropped, the fire that had been stoked beneath their heels quickly rose, setting them on the path for a 2019 Headline Tour across Europe that included 20 shows in 10 countries – many of them selling out. But, before the tour completed, the band was already back in the studio, quickly tackling the content for their next album.

2020 saw the release of album four – Horizons; and now, in 2023, we see the release of their fifth, and ferocious new album, the self-titled Beyond the Black that dropped January 13th, via Nuclear Blast Records. With it, comes the debut of the music video for the passionate single “Free Me“.

The brilliance of a cold winter, painted by the elegant beams of trickling sunlight cascade upon a darkened, hollow forest. A woman, gilded in shadow and death steps across a frozen wasteland, veiled in shades of grey and black, marking death’s reign across the frigid landscape. Delicately, she places artifacts of her own, of life, death, and self into a cauldron on the forest floor, striking a blade across her palm to offer the warmth of life as she demands to be freed.

The delicate balance of passion, and lingering, for some unseen heart, calls out in lyrical cries like “will you find this strength within you,will you help me, I must know. We have dreamt a dream together, hold me close and let me go.” As the gentle pleads ring out, the intensity of the melody quickly grows, to show a transition from desperation, and hope to one of rage and raw emotion. The tumble toward the shoreline, the longing to let go, and the flash from frozen snow to crimson shadow.

Layers of passion, emotion, and musical brilliance are expertly displayed throughout with exquisite highs being accomplished by Jennifer, and massive solos battering us throughout. It holds a heart-felt message that we are not alone in this world, and we should not have to bear the weight of our burdens on our own. We are the many, and we are all in this as one.

Beyond The Black is Jennifer Haben (Vocals, Keys), Kai Tschierschky (Drums), Tobi Lodes (Guitars, Backing Vocals), and Chris Hermsdörfer (Guitars, Backing Vocals).

You can snag your own copy of Beyond the Black via the direct link. And don’t forget to check out the band’s website, as well as their socials on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tiktok!